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Hanoi Family Lunch


Enjoy a daily lunch as Hanoian with a tray of salad, rice, vegetables, fish, meat...& fresh fruits with ice cream at only VND189,000+




The above price is not included 10% VAT tax


Madame Hien




Small crab noodle soup

Banana flower salad with peanuts, chicken and mortadella

Hanoi family plate

(Soup, moment dish, rice, vegetable)

Pan-fried banana with passion sauce, caramel ice-cream


VND 397.000

The above price is not included 10% VAT tax


36 Streets




Small crab noodle soup

Assorted starters 

(Green papaya salad with dried beef, roll, mortadella…)

Grilled cha ca , Madame Hien style

Little bun cha, barbecued pork with noodle

Collection of che

Fresh fruit and green tea ice cream


VND 535.000

The above price is not included 10% VAT tax


New Hanoi Cuisine





Grape fruit salad with grilled prawn and tamarind sauce

Duck foie gras on lemongrass stalk

Five flavors grilled farm piglet

Rice in clay pot with spices

Le Corlou Cheese with herbs and local salad

Soft tutti-frutti cake with black sesame ice cream


VND 855.000

The above price is not included 10% VAT


Garden Day




5 kinds of light smoke mushrooms soup

Hanoi family plate (stock, rice, tofu, moment vegetables...)

Cheese "Le Corlou" with herbs and spices

Green tea cake with tea ice-cream


VND 365.000

The above price is not included 10% VAT tax 


A La Carte



Fresh spring roll   

Prawn, green papaya, cucumber and herb                           153 000


Noodle "Bun" with herbs and peanut                                   88 000


Mango salsa with prawn, lightly spicy                                   143 000


Soft shell crab, seasonal garnish tamarind juice                      175 000


Tofu, grilled and marinated with spices and asparagus            145 000


Pork grilled, sesame and honey, lightly spice                         155 000

Steamed rolled rice pancakes      

"Street cuisine"

Traditional rolled rice pancake, pork, mushrooms                    92 000


Rolled rice pancake with mushrooms and shallots                   98 000


Rolled rice pancake with crab and Halong curry                     125 000


Assorted rolled rice pancakes (pork, mushrooms, crab)           125 000


Deep-fried roll                                      


"Nem" Hanoi style, pork, vermicelli, mushroom                       105 000


"Nem" prawns and mint chutney                                         135 000


"Nem" with vegetable, mushroom, bean sprouts                    88 000


Assorted tapas with pure "Nuoc Mam" fish sauce

Hanoi traditional style                                                         173 000

Prices are subjected to 10% Government VAT


Typical of this culture, served at the beginning of the meal and naturally seasoned with sea and forest ingredients...


Asparagus with crab                                                          135 000


5 kinds of light smoke mushrooms                                       112 000

"Street cuisine"

Small field crab noodle with tomato                                      95 000


"Pho" foie gras and lemongrass                                           178 000


Beef "Pho" with spices                                                      115 000


Traditionally seasoned oil free

Respecting the 5 primary tastes


Green papaya, dried beef, peanuts, herbs                              98 000

Specialty of Hanoi streets cuisine


Banana flower, chicken, peanuts, sesame                               115 000


Duck, lotus roots, pineapple and basil from here                      125 000


Grape-fruit with prawns, tamarind sauce                                197 000


Assorted starters with "Nuoc Mam Muc"                                193 000

Chef Didier Corlou's recommendation, modern style

Prices are subjected to 10% Government VAT

Main courses

Vietnamese cuisine through Didier Corlou's imagination



Braised caramelized prawn in clay pot                                      225 000


Crab cake with soft spices and coconut milk                             197 000


Steamed "ca qua" fish in lotus leaf, turmeric sauce                    187 000


Squid stuffed with ginger, tomato, soy sauce                           195 000

Meat and poultry                             


Duck 3 ways: grilled, satay, "Nem", tamarind juice                      255 000


Grilled duck "foie gras" on lemongrass, ginger                            348 000


Beef kebab in cane sugar and black rice                                   215 000


Farm piglet grilled in five flavors                                               225 000


Braised Australian lamb shank with citrus and 5 spices                 225 000

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine

Mâm cơm Hà Nội (canh, món chính, món xào, rau và cơm)

Hanoi family plate (moment dish, Broth, sautéed vegetable ... and rice)               182 000



Sautéed squid with vegetables                                                165 000


Sautéed prawn with garlic flower                                             198 000

"Street cuisine"

Grilled fish with galangal, served with "Bun"                               183 000

Based on a traditional recipe of « Cha Ca », a heritage of Hanoian

Meat and poultry


Sautéed chicken, cashew nut and dried chili                              153 000


Chicken wing, sweet and sour sauce                                         163 000


Grilled pigeon with 5 spices                                                      197 000


Sautéed beef with Dalat vegetable, 3 peppers                           215 000

Lẩu                               (for 1 person)                                    198 000

Hot pot with seafood, beef, vegetable and noodle

(170 000 / person additional)

"Street cuisine"

Marinated barbecued pork, "Bun", "Nuoc Mam"                           155 000

Thịt kho tàu

Prices are subjected to 10% Government VAT

Braised caramelized pork                                                          158 000

Sautéed dishes, served as unique course; Essential to Vietnam


Noodle "Pho" sautéed with mushrooms, prawn, beef                  137 000


Yellow noodle sautéed with prawn, bokchoy and oyster sauce     147 000


Rice with vegetable and lotus                                                   73 000


« Madame Hien » style rice with chicken and prawn                     98 000


Essential to every Vietnamese meal:

In soups, steamed, sautéed or braised


Seafood broth from Ha Long with pineapple, "ngo" herb               97 000


Tofu steamed with soya sauce                                                  68 000


Moment cabbage and shiitake with oyster sauce                          78 000


Bean sprouts with spring onion                                                  68 000


Morning glory crispy with garlic                                                   58 000


Seasonal mix vegetables sautéed in garlic                                    63 000


Tofu deep fried in banana leaf, turmeric juice                              78 000


Mushroom with 5 spices in casserole                                          123 000


Braised eggplant in soya sauce with minced pork                         119 000

Prices are subjected to 10% Government VAT


Featuring various fruits from the Mekong Delta to Northern Vietnam

Sweets and fresh fruit     


Cheese "Le Corlou" with herbs and spices                                    73 000


Seasonal fresh fruits, roll and coulis                                              54 000


Traditional caramel cream                                                           73 000


Indochina chocolate mousse                                                       98 000


Pan fried banana, passion sauce, caramel ice cream                        85 000


Pancake in deep fried roll, banana, chocolate sauce                        82 000


Green tea cake with tea ice-cream                                             105 000


Soft banana cake with caramel ice-cream                                      93 000


Half cook chocolate cake with Phu Quoc vanilla ice cream              115 000


Mixed "Chè" with coconut ice-cream                                            59 000

Ice-cream                                                                                58 000

(2 scoops)

Green tea, Strawberry, Young green rice, Black sesame, Caramel lightly spiced, Honey from Sapa, Cinnamon, Halong curry, Coconut, Vanilla from Phu Quoc, Chocolate...

Sorbet                                                                                     48 000

(2 scoops)

Lemon, Passion-fruit, Mango, Tamarind...

 Prices are subjected to 10% Government VAT

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