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What to do in Vietnam: Discover the traditional Vietnamese Family Meals

In Vietnam, family meals with many Traditional Vietnamese Food has been one of the unique cultural features. Since the ancient time, it has become a very familiar thing whenever they go far away, they think about it with high regard. Up to now, the family meal are higher appreciated due to the people are getting busier with their business.

[...] Dinners are an intangible string to connect family member together and opportunities for them to share a meal and gather after a hard day.

At that time, sharing the delicious Traditional Vietnamese Food for the elderly and children is an action of showing affection among family members. [...] No matter how poor their meal is, they enjoy it in happy atmosphere. The meal is simple, but it implies a profound love.

Do you want to try a tradition Vietnamese meal? Madame Hien is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi that might satisfy your thirst.

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