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Madame Hien - Game of Spices

You may hate waiting, but not in a place like the courtyard of Madame Hien restaurant, not on a beautiful day when winter slowly tiptoes in. The villa was built in Indochina - French colonial style with quirky little details. The small quaint courtyard, the yellow and white walls, the dark green window panes, all mossy tiles with wall decorations, all of which are the amalgamations for western influence and traditional Vietnamese architecture. [...] The colorful stone-encrusted round tables, on which stood glasses made with archaic technology - lime green and filled with air bubbles, pairs of rustic looking chopsticks and the entire surrounding garden, all conjure a sense of nostalgia. 

"For the dear grandmother of my wife, for all the Vietnamese women in the past and present" - Chef Didier Corlou. In that spirit, the menu of Madam Hien is a combination of traditional and contemporary Vietnamese food. There are many familiar dishes in a traditional Vietnamese meal like spring roll, roasted pig, Hanoi street-food items: pho, steamed rice crepes, grilled meat on vermicelli. On the other hand, Didier Corlou took these dishes and elevated the classic flavors by brilliant usage of herbs and spices. Aside the a-la-carte menu, there is the option of the set menu with different styles and price points, offering a wide range of choices for diners who are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine.

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